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Crush Washer Crush Washer
Crush Washer Seal - Genuine OEM Suzuki crush washer seal for the oil drain plug, secondary drain plug, final drive drain…
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Secondary Dipstick Secondary Dipstick
Secondary Dipstick - Makes checking the level of the gearoil in the secondary drive a 30 second affair. With the bike …
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Fill Plug Fill Plug
Fill Plug - Genuine OEM Suzuki fill plug. This same plug is used for the secondary drive and the final drive. Includes…
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Drain Plug Drain Plug
Drain Plug - Genuine OEM Suzuki magnetic drain plug. This same plug is used for the oil pan, the secondary drive and t…
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Rear Wheel Bearing Rear Wheel Bearing
Rear Wheel Right Side Ball Bearing - Quality aftermarket bearing is exact replacement for original. Price does not …
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Repair Manual on CD-ROM - Contains the complete service manual, parts book, radio manual, CB manual, owner's manual …
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Rear Wheel Needle Bearing Rear Wheel Needle Bearing
Rear Wheel Needle Bearing - Quality aftermarket replaces original exactly. This bearing is no longer available from Su…
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Secondary Plug Secondary Plug
Machined Secondary Plug - Also referred to as the "Tracy Plug", this replaces the OEM rubber-coated plug in …
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Gearoil Gearoil
Synthetic Gear Oil - Amsoil's best hypoid gear oil. Full synthetic gear oil for the secondary and final drives. Rate…
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Final Drive Seals Final Drive Seals
Final Drive Front Seals - Two seals and o-ring for resealing the front end of the final drive unit. Genuine Suzuki par…
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